For our Seafarers
In-house Training Programs

In order to upgrade our Seafarers' standards, knowledge and response as regards Safety, Security,

Environmental Protection and Compliance with the International Regulations, we are currently running

the following In-house Training Programs

ISM - International Safety Management


  • Articles of the ISM Code
  • ISM Code Implementation, Certification of Ships and Companies, Periodical Verification as regards compliance with the Code, Internal and External Audits, Corrective and Preventive Action, Response to Non-conformities, Port State Control Authority & Detentions.

Pre-Departure on SMS -
Company Policies Familiarization


  • Reasons for the SMS Training
  • Vision Statement
  • Health, Quality, Safety and Environment Policy (per principal)
  • Mission Statement of the Principals
  • Drug and Alcohol Policy
  • The Safety Management System
  • Safety Awareness
  • Personnel Safety Instruction
  • Duties and Responsibilities



  • Understanding the Laws, Regulations, Code and Legislation

Anti-Piracy Familiarization

  • Introduction to Piracy
  • Background of Piracy in the Gulf of Aden and off the Coast of Somalia
  • Anti-Piracy Awareness Objectives
  • Best Management Practices & the Concerned International Industry Representatives
  • Planning and Operational Practices
  • Typical Attack Profiles of Pirates
  • The Recommended Best Management Practices
  • Prior Transit to the High Risk Areas
  • General Planning
  • Company Planning
  • Ship Master Planning
  • Group Transit
  • Voyage Planning
  • Defensive Measures
  • In Transit Operations
  • If Attacked/Boarded by Pirates
  • Survival Considerations
  • Solution & Recommendation Combatng Piracy
  • Authority References

General Notes

1Our efforts in operating and maintaining the above trainings have borne fruits over the time that these courses were diligently and effectively offered to our Seafarers. Encouraging and Positive comments have been received from both directions, Principals and Seafarers.
2Booklets related to ISM and Safety, Security Awareness have been printed and are offered to our Seafarers for free, enabling them to consult and study the materials, even after they have completed their in-house Trainings and especially when they are on board and face the real facts and shipboard conditions.
3The forms of conducting the trainings include:
b. Power Point Presentation
c. Film Presentation
d. Paper Materials
4All Seafarers, officers and ratings are required after attending the respective trainings, to undergo written and oral examinations in order to be assessed whether they were able to digest well the respective courses and to identify the areas of weaknesses. After their successful examinations, they are issued respective certificates. For those failing, they are required to attend the training again and be re-assessed, ensuring that they have adequately digested all useful information.
5Our purpose of conducting these trainings have the following targets:
a. Our Principals to operate their ships with really qualified officers and ratings
b. To be enhanced with Shipboard Safety for the benefit of all involved parties
c. The ships to run on the least possible problems, and the crew safety, familiarization and trainings to be up to the International Standards and Requirements

Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief


  • Gift giving/feeding activities for indigent families in some rural areas of Metro Manila
  • Medical assistance to the less fortunate child patients of various hospitals
  • Financial and Employment assistance to our Seafarers and their families or to any private individual who is in need (due to disaster, loss of family member e.t.c)

Educational Sponsorship


  • Adopting scholars from our Seafarers' household member or by supporting programs organized by various institutions

Social Welfare


  • Donations in cash or kind to our Seafarers and various social or religious institutions

Our Community Involvements

Below are few chronicle of fulfillments we greatly value and were undoubtedly the best means to show how we sincerely support our Philippine government in promoting its Poverty Alleviation Program

What We Offer

Electronic Dispatch, Web-based System and Data Entry Services

The company supports meeting its Mission and Vision statements by providing clients the information they need, timely and efficiently.

Electronic copies of documents for their recruited seafarers are either timely transmitted via e-mail through electronic dispatch (E-dispatch) or can be accessed and downloaded via our web-based system.

The concept of Information Quality has been our priority as the popularity of Business Intelligence increases.
Therefore we are started catering “Data Entry Services” for clients who have their own web-based or online system in place.

These facilities allows them to obtain records, wherever and whenever needed.